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Elliot Films Srl

About Us
Independent production firm that develops and produces unique feature length documentaries, narrative films, advertising and social and environmental content

The People of Elliot Films

Susanna Trojano

Production manager

After studying political sciences and urban geography she post-graduated in urban management in Rotterdam. Back in Italy she worked as a project manager dealing with social and cultural projects in Rome. 
She came to the audiovisual world in 2011 focusing on production, assisting in producing documentaries projects. Co-founder of Elliot Films, with Enrico Parenti, she is working on documentaries and tv productions projects.

Enrico Parenti

Film director & producer

Enrico Parenti is an Italian-American filmmaker who has been working in the documentary field for almost 20 years. His feature-length documentaries include, among others Soyalism, supported by the Pulitzer Centre, was released at IDFA (2018) and subsequently sold to 10 broadcasters. The film has won 13 awards and the YouTube version has 1.1 million views. 

During the pandemic, he shot Rigoletto 2020, for Rai Cinema and Indigo Films - Academy winning production.

Standing Army featuring Noam Chomsky, was released in cinemas and sold to 13 broadcasters and currently has over 1 million views on YouTube. Container 158, supported by the Open Society Foundation, was released at the Rome Film Festival.

Novorossiya, on the war in Donbass and Ukraine, had its premiere at CPH:DOX 2022.

His documentary series “Shakespeare on the rocks”, "The body electric" and "Frankenstein Unplugged"  are produced by Ricola and aired by SKY ARTE TV.

Is currently developing two new feature-length documentaries.

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