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Elliot Films Srl

About Us
Independent production firm that develops and produces unique feature length documentaries, narrative films, advertising and social and environmental content

The People of Elliot Films

Susanna Trojano

Production manager


After studying political sciences and urban geography, she completed her postgraduate degree in Rotterdam. Returning to Italy, she managed social and cultural projects in Rome before entering the audiovisual world in 2011.

As an avid traveler with experiences in Africa, the Middle East, and India, she focused on international productions, creating four documentaries for Sky Arte and two feature-length films, showcasing her versatility and storytelling skills.

As a co-founder of Elliot Films with Enrico Parenti, she has been working on various documentaries and TV production projects. Together, they have built a thriving production company that delivers high-quality, thought-provoking content to audiences worldwide.

Enrico Parenti

Film director & co-founder

Enrico cultivated his passion for documentaries starting from photography, which he began practicing during adolescence, inspired by his mother. He spent seven years working in Brazil, the UK, the US, and Spain, refining his perspective and absorbing different cultures. After attending film school in Barcelona, he began a 15-year documentary filmmaking career.

Notable documentaries include Soyalism, examining China's and the West's impact on global agribusiness and the environment, and Standing Army, featuring Noam Chomsky, exploring the global US military base network. Parenti published a related book, and both films reached over a million YouTube views and were aired to 23 broadcasters worldwide.

During the pandemic, Parenti collaborated with Rai Cinema and Indigo Films on Rigoletto 2020, his fifth art documentary. His other works include Container 158 and Novorossiya, presented at CPH:DOX in 2022.

He is currently developing two new feature-length documentaries.

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